The History of Ecological Architecture Project is a long-term quest of mine, in which I aim to revisit the more or less entire historiography of ecologically sustainable architecture. Ironically, I never meant to embark on such a mission. Rather, it just appeared to me, quite like an epiphany, and gradually sucked me into its depths.

It all sort of began when I had finished my tv mini-series The Green City (YLE & ARTE, 2010) on the future of architecture and planning. I thought that there was so much left unsaid that I ought to also write a book about the issue. To my wife I promised that it will be a simple book, I know what I am doing. “It will only take a year or one and a half at the most”, I assured her. That was in fall 2011. Now, as I write this, it is fall 2017 and an end to the project is nowhere in sight.

Instead, I got stuck with the history of ecological architecture and, in 2015, my project turned into a PhD research which focuses on the American inventor-architect Buckminster Fuller. Hopefully I will have my dissertation published in 2019 and sometime after that I hope to broaden my scope of research. As I mentioned, this truly is a long-term quest. I am eager to see where it takes me.