About me

Pasi puussa 2017

I am a doctoral candidate at Aalto University, Helsinki, working on the field of environmental history of architecture. On this bilingual site I am mainly to blog about my PhD project, which concentrates on the works and ideas of the American inventor-architect Buckminster Fuller (1895–1983), although I will probably wonder into some other topics of interest, too.

I am also a science journalist, author, and documentarist. You may have, for instance, watched my award-winning climate change documentary The Venus Theory (Venus-teoria, 2004) or my two-part tv mini-series The Green City (Die grüne Stadt / La ville en vert / Vihreä kaupunki, 2010).

For further information, I would at this point simply forward you to my web page at Aalto University, albeit those pages are currently much under work, as well.